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Promotion on a powerful server

Is your

  1. Computer making strange noises?

  2. Computer older than 4 years old?

  3. Database getting to voluminous and your operations taking longer to process?

if you answered yes to all of these questions

The solution: 

A new server

With this new computer, the required standards
for SmartVendor will be surpassed.


Microprocessor : Double core IntelE5200 2.66 Ghz 1133 MhzFB

RAM : DDR2 de 2Gig

Hard drive : SATA de 160 Gig

CD/DVD/RW player: LG 56/22 SATA

Operating system licence : Windows XP-PRO

Keyboard usb/ Optical mouse optique ps2

Smartwin software reinstalled and all hardware reconfigured

Data transfer from the old to the new computer

Configuration of network connections





$ 599.99

+ taxes and shipping